The Designer


Growing up in Switzerland I am used to quality and durability one can find in many Swiss products like watches. I design and create Fashion Jewelry with quality materials, unique pieces that are appropriate in both a casual and formal setting. The pieces are timeless and have found loyal fans in the US as well as in many European Countries.  

I believe in the healing powers and positive energy of precious and semi precious stones known in the Crystal world to be real power stones. They can assist with grounding, protection of aura and energy field, balance and can provide physical and emotional support among other things.The information about properties of the stones within the listing is intended for spiritual support only. The stones are natural and therefore may have natural inclusions.

The material I chose to work with is 14K Gold Filled. The connectors are from 14K-24K plated. There is also a very small section of Silver pieces. 

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Trademarks & Copyrights 

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