Gemstones & Care

The precious and semi-precious gems have natural inclusions and are collected from various countries. Due to the nature of gemstone's, some variations in size, shape and color may occur and may not be exact as listed image shown.

Larger stones, if dropped, yes they can, chip and break! 

Keep your gems away from perfume, chemicals, lotions and avoid wearing them during hard core exercise and sweating. 

Preferably store your jewelry in a dry cool place avoid leaving it in the bathroom/shower area. 

Care Instructions: Never clean gemstone jewelry in mechanical cleaning systems, such as ultrasonic, steam or boiling. The only safe way to clean gemstone jewelry is with warm, mild soapy (Dawn) water. Do not soak the jewelry. You always want to avoid strong chemical cleaners like bleach or Windex, generic cleaners, dish detergent, and hand sanitizers.